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Welcome to the Thumb Bump!® family. We are believers in the power of positive culture in families, workplaces, schools, sports teams … wherever people come together.
A globe covered with Thumb Bump's with the words 'It's All Good-ify the World' and 'It Starts with Me and then it's We' circling it.
Thumb Bump!®

The Thumb Bump!® Story

The Thumb Bump! was born in our sister company, MyBrand. MyBrand was founded in 2009 by Joe S. McEuen Jr. and Dave Helfrich who felt so strongly about creating a positive culture, they decided to create their own company.

They adopted “It’s All Good!®” as the cultural motto inspired by their UPS guy who, no matter the conditions or number of boxes, would hold up his thumb and say, “It’s All Good!®” Joe and Dave each raised their thumbs in a thumbs up and then did a fist bump. That’s it! They discovered the Thumb Bump!® gesture that spreads It’s All Good!® Spirit and Energy with others. The Thumb Bump® is a jolt of joy between two people. It is a way to spread It’s All Good!® vibes.

The It’s All Good!® cultural motto has become a deeply engrained value at MyBrand. It’s All Good!® is about seeing the goodness and possibility no matter the circumstances. It is not that everything that happens is good, but in everything that happens there is the opportunity to turn it into something good. This is what it means to live a life with gratitude, always striving to follow the Golden Rule, and creating genuine relationships where there are many positive connections throughout people’s days. Working in a positive culture has made our lives immeasurably better. Our employees came up with the idea of spreading It’s All Good!® and the Thumb Bump!® to others through a cool blog, learning challenges, and merchandise. Their ideas made their way into the Thumb Bump!® offerings.

A photo of the MyBrand team eating a meal at a long table.
Our Family

Our Family Story

What brought us to creating Thumb Bump!® as a culture enrichment company is a deeper why of wanting to do everything we can to enable people to live life to the fullest through connection to It’s All Good!® Spirit & Energy, Genuine Relationships, and doing one’s DreamWork in the world.

Thumb Bump!® is our give back to the world that originated out of our own family tragedies of lives cut way too short from addiction, suicide, and depression. All three are touching the lives of millions of people and families. We dedicate Thumb Bump!® to Scott Arnevik, David Brue, Kevin Luna, and Tra McEuen. Our prayer is that your unfulfilled lives be brought into fullness of life through Thumb Bump!® and the people who experience aliveness, connection, and thriving from having created cultures of connection in all domains of their lives.

My passion after my first husband died from giving up on life at 29 years old, was to gain a deep understanding of what creates fullness of life in businesses and all aspects of life. This passion took me down a path of learning drawing from both science and wisdom teachings.

If we net down the vast research, wisdom teachings, and our own observations, we came to see that:

A diagram of social connectors and disconnectors.

Human thriving requires connection to It’s All Good!® Spirit & Energy, one another, and to a purpose bigger than oneself. We are committed to doing our part to equip people to thrive.

On the one-year anniversary of our son/step-son Tra’s death, we gathered our family to talk about how we might “give-back” in a way that prevents other families from losing loved ones to giving up on life. The big idea was to equip people BEFORE they go down the path of disconnection and isolation. There are many services and initiatives including suicide prevention, 12-step programs, individual counseling, justice system reform, treatment programs, hotlines, and many more. We applaud all these efforts. And more is needed. Our give-back approach is to equip people to live life to the fullest through cultures of connection where science & wisdom-based principles and practices are turned into cultural norms and a way of life. We are committed to doing our part to equip people to thrive as we all grow into the Thumb Bump® motto of … I need to grow ME to be a better WE. I need a better WE to grow ME.

A photo of the Thumb Bump family on a beach.
Mary Beth McEuen Bio

A Career of Leadership

Mary Beth McEuen has been on a thirty-year mission to grow leaders who grow life-giving businesses, cultures, and communities. Mary Beth refers to this as cultures of leaders where everyone is on an ongoing journey of growth through all stages of leadership and life.

Mary Beth has pivoted her career toward greater meaning and purpose three times. In her first career, Mary Beth worked for over twenty-seven years with a $1.2 billion global marketing services company. She started in a front-line role and was promoted up through the ranks where she held senior leadership roles in marketing, strategy, and HR. Mary Beth’s most significant roles included spearheading the creation of Brand Alignment as a product line focused on creating cultures that live up to the promises of the brand. She brought this offering inside the company and created The Office of People and Potential (OPP) where she led an organization-wide culture enrichment process focused on creating one vision and one set of values across all business units. Her first career culminated with Mary Beth founding an R&D Institute with a vision to unleash the potential of the people touched by thousands of client programs. The R&D institute brought together the neuroscience of human behavior with design thinking methods to drive total motivational experiences for travel and incentive program participants.

In her second career, Mary Beth has been serving as a Strategy & Culture Officer for MyBrand. Mary Beth has a passion for working with privately-held businesses to build enriched cultures as they build their business. She has pioneered a new approach to leadership and culture development where every person in the company is developed as a leader through 30-day Leadership Challenges focused on values-based mindsets and behaviors. Mary Beth incorporates into the 30-day Challenges a neuroscience-based understanding of human behavior, a mindful learning approach, and extensive knowledge of leadership and culture.

Over forty years of experience in business, culture development, and the research on human potential is being brought to bear on Thumb Bump LLC which Mary Beth views as her “giving back” stage of career. Thumb Bump LLC is a culture enrichment company that will develop leaders in corporate and school settings to authentically connect to one’s best self, each other, and a self-transcendent dream and purpose. The company motto is I need to grow ME to be a better WE. I need a better WE to grow ME. The aim is to create micro-cultures of WE leaders committed to an ongoing journey of growth and impact.

Mary Beth holds a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University and a Bachelor of Science in Business degree from Truman University. Mary Beth has authored and co-authored numerous articles and white papers including “The Future of Meetings: The Case for Face-to-Face” and “The Game Has Changed: A New Paradigm for Stakeholder Engagement” both published by The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University and “The Social Life of Brands” published through strategy+business in July 2012. “The Social Life of Brands” garnered high readership and was in the top 20 most-read strategy+business articles for 2012. In 2013 she was named one of the 25 most influential executives in the travel industry by Successful Meetings magazine and was spotlighted as a Drucker Institute innovator in the article “Strange Bedfellows: Finding Success by Reaching Outside Your Discipline.” Mary Beth pioneered research on the drivers of unleashing human potential which was published in the inaugural Unleashing Human Potential Research Report in 2015.

A portrait of Thumb Bump founder Mary Beth McEuen.

Publications & Speaking Engagements

The cover of “The Future of Meetings: The Case for Face-to-Face” published by The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University.The cover of “The Social Life of Brands” published through strategy+business.The cover of "The Game Has Changed: A New Paradigm for Stakeholder Engagement" published by The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University.

Publications & Recognition

Speaking Engagements & Keynotes

  • Keynote speaker on Strategic Leadership: Transforming Vision into Results at 2016 PCMA Education Conference.
  • Keynote speaker on The Game Has Changed: A New Paradigm for Stakeholder Engagement at 2014 NRECA CEO Close-up Conference.
  • Keynote speaker on "The Game Has Changed: A New Paradigm for Engagement" at 2012 Recognition Professionals International Annual Conference.
  • Speaker on The Social Life of Brands: How Neuroscience Can Help Hospitality Industry Marketers in Their Quest for Enduring Customer Relationships at 2012 Cornell Center for Hospitality Research Summit.
  • Speaker on The Social Life of Brands at 2012 Texas A&M Retailing Summit.
  • Speaker on Delivering Your Brand Promise from the Inside-Out at 2011 Texas A&M Retailing Summit.
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