Clarify the Dream

Vision and Values Inspire Growth

We guide you through a step-by-step approach to clarify your vision and values and equip your managers to walk the talk as a values-based leader.
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Vison and Values Clarification

Vision and values are a compass guiding everything the business does. Thumb Bump®’s approach to capturing the vision and values is through story … the founding story, pivotal events, trials and triumphs, descriptions of when people are their best, as well as the leadership’s dream for the future. The vision and values are captured through an iterative process that includes one-on-one conversations, group dialogues, and concludes with the lead leader(s) making the final decision.
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Manager Walk the Talk

Managers have the greatest cultural influence through their day-to-day mindsets and behaviors. As a result, it is imperative that managers model the way in growing as a values-based leader. This takes an ongoing journey of growth from the inside-out. It is about becoming values-based in one’s thought, emotional energy, behavior, and day-to-day conversations. Thumb Bump®’s approach is based in a proven model for sustainable behavior change and includes Walk the Talk Micro-Workshops, Values-based Self-Reflection Tools, Growth Planning, and the support of a Growth Partner or Group.
Point the Way

Keep Vision and Values Top-of-Mind as a Cultural Force

Vision and values come to life through a rhythm of communications that keep everyone connected.

Rhythm of Communications & Cultural Celebrations

We help you create a plan of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual communications and cultural celebrations. It takes a regular rhythm of communications to keep everyone connected to what is happening in the business with an emphasis on stories of progress toward the vision and examples of the values being put into practice. Consistency is the key to preventing out-of-sight … out-of-mind.

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