Culture Development Can Feel Daunting. We Help You Demystify The Process.

Extraordinary businesses are clear about what they are striving for – captured as a vision and what they stand for – captured as core values. Their vision and values serve as an energizing force for everything they do.
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Our Approach

Five Strategies Proven to Drive Results.

We partner with you to put into place five culture development strategies proven to drive Better Culture - Better Business - Better Lives

Clarify the Dream

Define a Vision of Greatness

A great journey begins with a vision for where you are going and the values that will guide you each step of the way. Learn more about:

Point the Way

Consistently Communicate

A regular rhythm of communications points the way to achieving the vision while living the values. Learn more about:

Relational Vibe

Positive Connections

Create a social climate filled with grateful connection, positive emotional contagion, and trusted partnership. Learn more about our 30-Day Challenges:

  • Gratitude
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Trust Builder

Leaders Everywhere


Create a teams of leaders who skillfully collaborate to pursue opportunities and goals in a growth mindset. Learn more about our 30-Day Challenges:

  • Building Powerful Teams
  • High-Achiever Leader
  • Collaboration

As well as our ME to WE Signature Program.

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Ripple Effect

Share the Message

Spread the message and know-how of Thumb Bump!® Connection to family and friends.

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30-Day Challenges

Something Amazing Happens When an Entire Organization Learns Together.

The shared experience creates a common language and norms which serve as a powerful sustainer of desired cultural habits and behavior.
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Based in a Proven Model for Sustainable Behavior Change

Whereas traditional development focuses 90% on knowledge and 10% on practice, Thumb Bump® flips this formula to 90% practice and 10% knowledge. Knowledge is shared in short Micro-Workshops followed by 30 days of practice, practice, practice.

Athletes master their sport through practice, not head knowledge. The same thing goes for leaders at every level. Practice, with the support of Growth Groups, is the key.

30-Day Challenges

30-Day Challenges start with a 2-hour Micro-Workshop followed by 30-days of practice in order to create new habits of mind and behavior. The daily practice is made fun and engaging through the support of Growth Groups.

Customized challenges can be developed to reinforce cultural values unique to each organization. Below is Thumb Bump®’s core 30-Day Challenge curriculum.

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Leaders Everywhere

High-Achiever Leaders

How do you define leadership?

High-Achiever Leader Challenge

We define leadership as living the values while working together collaboratively to achieve great goals. This workshop focuses on four skills everyone can master: Goal Pursuit, Trusted Relationships, Imagining Possibility, and Protective Vigilance. The workshop is based in the Four-Drive Theory of Human Behavior developed by the late Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria of Harvard Business School.

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Leaders Everywhere


What sets extraordinary teams apart?

Collaboration Challenge

What sets extraordinary teams apart? They have mastered collaboration. This workshop develops collaborative communication skills from a mindset of mutual learning, which is distinctly different than unilateral control. Team members learn to talk and listen in equal measure, check and challenge assumptions, manage promises and commitments, and practice straight talk. The workshop is based in the research of Harvard professor Chris Argyris.

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Leaders Everywhere

Building Powerful Teams

How are powerful teams formed?

Building Powerful Teams Challenge

Being part of a team of leaders is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have. And it drives amazing impact and results. This challenge focuses on the 7 essentials that powerful teams master and rigorously apply: mindful goal pursuit, role clarity, process effectiveness, leaders in every role, trusted partnership, collaborative communications, and many moments of positive connection.

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Positive Connections


How can we overcome our negativity bias?

Growing in Gratitude Challenge

The human brain has a negativity bias that gets in the way of connection and possibility. Overcoming this bias takes adopting grateful habits of mind and behavior. Participants will learn how the brain jumps to conclusions, and how the power of mindful reframing changes everything. Positive habits of mind and behavior are developed through practice, practice, and practice which literally paves new neural networks in the brain. This entrains positive connection and possibility as the natural way of approaching work and life.

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Positive Connections

Emotional Mastery

How do we cultivate genuine connection?

Emotional Mastery Challenge

Genuine connection involves positivity resonance where an emotional state and energy is shared. Creating positive connections requires an inner-awareness of one’s emotional state and auto-pilot stories of interpretation. It takes bringing one's inner life under management and learning to be centered and emotionally agile knowing that our emotions are shared with others. This workshop turns the Four-Drive Theory of Human Behavior developed by the late Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria of Harvard Business School into a powerful tool for emotional mastery and nimbleness.

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Positive Connections

Trust Builder

How are trusted partnerships built?

Trust Builder Challenge

People perform (and live) best in trusted partnership with others. Trusted partnership is built one interaction at a time using trust building behaviors while avoiding trust busting behaviors. This workshop utilizes a trust ladder adapted from the work of the late Paul Lawrence of Harvard Business School and Paul Zak of Claremont Graduate University who is a leading scientist in the field of neuro-economics applied to building cultures of trust.

Signature Program

"ME" to "WE" Leadership

While everyone can lead, the bar is higher for managers who are the cultural lid. The "ME" to "WE" Leadership Program is designed to equip managers how to think, talk and act as a "WE" leader.

In this experiential program, participants will learn from:

  • Stories from business and leadership role models.
  • Science of positive engagement and performance.
  • Daily Do-Its of practices to apply to the rhythm of one’s days.
  • Growth Group discussions with peers to support each other’s journey of growth.
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Lesson One

Centered Leadership

Guided by vision and values.

Lesson One: Centered Leadership guided by vision and values. Participants will:

  • Understand the difference between values-based business and transactionally based business.
  • Learn the key drivers that shape culture and the five stages of culture evolution.
  • Learn about how people are biologically wired to achieve four emotion-based drives.
  • Gain an understanding of mindful learning based in self-directed neuroplasticity.
  • Adopt a past positive time perspective by harvesting gifts from both good and bad experiences.
  • Complete an inventory of strengths and weaknesses along with triggering patterns that act as stumbling blocks.
  • Craft a personal leadership vision.
  • Map a daily rhythm of practices.
  • Meet regularly with a growth buddy or group.
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Lesson Two

Collaborative Leadership

Able to empower, coach, and build trust.

Lesson Two: Collaborative Leadership able to empower, coach, and build trust. Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the difference between hierarchy-based leadership and collaborative leadership.
  • Gain a self-awareness of how social status influences one’s own thinking and behavior.
  • Discuss examples of the social dynamics when people express superiority or inferiority.
  • Explore the range of mindsets and behaviors that drive social dis-connection vs social connection.
  • Learn the key mindsets and behaviors that build trust and also those that are trustbusters.
  • Practice concrete ways of communicating collaboratively where everyone speaks up and contributes to a creative solution that was not possible without the group.
  • Meet regularly with a growth buddy or group.
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Lesson Three

Driven Leadership

Focused on goal pursuit and achievement

Lesson Three: Driven Leadership focused on goal pursuit and achievement. Participants will:

  • Understand the ladder of goals where every rung on the ladder matters.
  • Master the simple plan that captures every rung of the goal pursuit ladder.
  • Learn to keep goals top-of-mind and guiding day-to-day actions.
  • Gain an understanding of side trackers to accomplishing goals and how to overcome them.
  • Learn how to create action projects that turn big goals into concrete and achievable projects.
  • Learn the difference between growth and fixed mindset and how to drive a growth mindset through tangible experimentation and learning processes.
  • Put into practice a menu of concrete goal pursuit practices.
  • Meet regularly with a growth buddy or group.
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Lesson Four

Creative Leadership

Stay in the stretch zone.

Lesson Four: Creative Leadership focused on creative ideas and innovation. Participants will:

  • Understand that every person is creative and how to build a creative orientation into day-to-day work.
  • Understand how the brain adopts mental shortcuts and how to bust up these shortcuts for creative thinking.
  • Adopt an attitude of curiosity and openness to seeing things with a fresh perspective.
  • Understand the difference between analytical understanding and empathic understanding.
  • Turn on social engagement by asking good questions and striving to see things from other people’s perspectives.
  • Learn the key principles, stages, and practices from the field of Design Thinking applied to business innovation.
  • Meet regularly with a growth buddy or group.
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Grand Finale

Authentic Leadership

Able to be one’s unique self with humility and confidence.

Grand Finale: Authentic Leadership able to be one’s unique self with humility and confidence. In this culmination experience, participants will learn authentic leadership by learning how to speak from authentic self. Participants will:

  • Speak from authentic presence and heart.
  • Experience being present and connected in groups, meetings, and presentations.
  • Stand in a humble confidence that causes people to be drawn to and really listen to what is being shared.
  • Be their authentic self and realize letting go of ego is liberating, freeing, and essential to WE leadership.

The finale is the stage where each participant gives voice to their vision as a WE leader.

Business Collaborative

Sustainable Business Collaborative

Business owners and executives come together to share their journey of creating a sustainable values-based business. The members of this collaborative share ideas, practices, challenges, and serve as a sounding board for others on topics important to them.

The topics and agenda are set by the group. Some territories of topics include:

Strategic management system:

  • Ownership structures
  • Succession planning
  • Stakeholder business model
  • Vision, Values and Strategy

Culture and talent development:

  • Team development
  • Leadership development
  • Reward & recognition processes
  • Meetings & celebrations

Customer value creation:

  • Genuine caring
  • Innovation processes
  • Sales processes
  • Customer experience processes

And much more.

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