Culture Has Impact - For Better or Worse.

Better cultures produce better business results. And they do more. There is a cultural ripple effect in the lives of people. People never just take a job. They always join a culture. And the culture shapes their life.
Better Culture. Better Business. Better Lives.

Cultures that Enrich People

The research points to six pivotal characteristics. When these characteristics are alive and well in a culture, the triple bottom-line of financial performance, customer loyalty, and employee thriving can be achieved.

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Positive Connections

Genuinely caring about all stakeholders and creating many positive social connections daily.

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Purposeful Work

Connecting day-to-day tasks to a bigger purpose that serves customers and society.

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Leaders Everywhere

Values-based leaders in all roles working together collaboratively to achieve great goals.

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Journey of Growth

Everyone is on a journey of growth into realizing their ME and WE full potential.

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Whole Person Thriving

Balanced fulfillment of the human drives to achieve, bond, create, and protect.

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Humility and Gratitude

Seeing and appreciating people and the good things they do each day.

Better Financial Results

A landmark 11-year study, conducted by Harvard Business School’s professors James Heskett and John Kotter, studied 12 firms that created a culture of leaders focused on encouraging leadership from everyone in the firm and valuing and caring for all stakeholders.1 The 12 “culture of leaders” firms outperformed the 20 transactional firms by as much as 500% greater revenue growth and 755% greater net income growth.
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Better Employee Engagement and Retention

Companies that focus on culture and genuine caring have dramatically better employee engagement. In 2022, only 32% of U.S. employees are engaged.2 In contrast, companies that focus on culture & values and genuinely caring about people as whole human beings achieve 70% of their employees being engaged and planning to stay with the company.

Better Lives

A better life is one where we are on a journey of growth as a whole human being learning to thrive and help others do the same by:

  • Pursuing and achieving dreams and goals bigger than oneself
  • Building trusted partnership and genuine relationships in all domains of life
  • Engaging curiosity and creativity to learn and see possibilities and opportunities
  • Being diligent in order to protect what is valuable from being harmed
  • Being centered, grateful, and emotionally balanced
  • Being energized by positive connections throughout each day
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